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Bioaplico was founded in 2018 by CEO Jackeline Palma a former Digital Marketer and Certified Project Manager. We have humble beginnings - but we have successfully expanded our clientele and brands.

Delivering great Digital Marketing results Jacky had grown audiences un the thousands of followers across years of experience. 

Certified and Experienced Project Manager, Digital Marketer and Start-Up Serial Entrepreneur we decided to kill the expensive contracts with big agencies and offer flexible and affordable services.

We open PAY AS YOU GO services

Why pay an expensive retainer when you can just pay for the results.

Our Approach

Small business and start-ups focus.

From our own experiences on hiring expensive multiple freelancers or agencies, we learned that is dangerous for budget!

We offer the same services as a posh agency and expensive Project managers with a fraction of the cost.

Fixed prices for budget planning. Small business marketing shouldn't be expensive.

This is why BIOAPLICO exists

We have a tons of services you can chose from either one-off or monthly.


Pay only what you need

Hourly/Daily Project Manager

One-off/Monthly Marketing Services


We had been there! 

SMEs are the backbone of any economy and we support our fellow SMEs.


Promoting your business, growing together with a nice friendly relationship.

Working with us

Trust Us!

This is not our first time doing this work

😁 We always suggest you trust us and follow our recommendations (It is on our best interest your business/brand/profile do weel so we have a long term relationship)

Pay us on Time!

We are also a Small Business and we pride on charging low fees, we need to keep the cash coming in 💸.

With this on mind we ask you to pay invoices on timeIf invoices aren’t paid on time then we have to put the account on hold (sorry, it’s not personal!)

Like what we post?

We give plenty opportunity for you to edit, review and approve all post in advance before we schedule them 💌. Nothing will be posted without your approval.

Terms & Conditions

We’re a friendly bunch of people, and we’re keen to get you those all-important results (indeed, as monthly services are ‘Pay as you Go’ )!  With that in mind, we’ve drafted a few General but Importnat Terms and Conditions (T’s & C’s) – that way we all know what to expect and we can ‘get on with it’.

We aren’t lawyers – so we’ve just used plain English. Not sure about something? Just ask us before hiring us!

Please also note that individual services have additional T’s and C’s so do look at those too.


1. Services are provided by BIOAPLICO Ltd (Company No. 11482303).

2. By working with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the T’s and C’s / descriptions of the individual services you’ve signed up for. We consider the information on these pages to constitute as part of our T’s and C’s. 

3. Our T’s and C’s can change at any point without notice.

4. We cannot guarantee sales or exposure for you (although we wish we could!)

5. We can cancel your contract with us at any time (if we feel it isn’t working).

Client (you)

6. You agree to be lovely and a joy to work with (we only want nice clients)!

7. You acknowledge that you know we’ll work our little paws off for you (even if it seems nothing is happening) and that you know we are experts at what we do.

8. You agree that you understand our way of working (our processes, our software, our low account management etc) and will follow it (see ‘Delivering your services’ or the individual service pages for more info).

9. For recurring services you can cancel your contract with us after the first month by giving us 14 days notice before the renewal date each month.

10. Unlike your typical marketing agency we aren’t responsible for your strategy, reputation or branding (unless you engage for our Professional services on this). Our marketing services are results-focused and low fee and do what they say on the tin (see our services page for more info). That being said, we are always happy to give a steer/advice.

11. If we aren’t able to start or complete your service(s) within the month period due to your actions (or lack thereof) those services are still chargeable (and it’s up to us if we move these services (if we can) into succeeding months.

12. We use the social management software to keep track of our work on your account, talk to you and to keep updated in real time. We ask that, where possible, you use email to chat with us  (if you have questions, doubts or suggestions).

13. We use WhatsApp as a quick and easy way to chat to you – please message in the group rather than messaging individuals (as it keeps everything in one place for everyone to see) Add us +447903437506.

14. To keep our focus on results rather than chatting first, we ask that if you want to talk to us on the phone that you request a call via WhatsApp or email. That way we can give you the time and attention you deserve.

Paying us

15. Invoices are payable via debit or credit card or PayPal at

16. If an invoice is unpaid by the due date then we will put your services on hold until the balance is paid. This holding period will still be billed as usual (sorry!)

17. If a balance remains unpaid for 14 days or more then the contract will be terminated, and we are then not obliged to do any more work for you or to send over anything (even from past months) (sorry!).

18. You will have to cover the costs incurred by us to recover any overdue balance.

19. We class ‘not hearing from you’ as you being inactive on email approval for greater than 1 week. If you have a recurring service, this period is still chargeable. If we have a deposit and/or social media budget on file for you, you will forgo them. We will do this without notice (but will have no doubt chased you quite a bit before this point). If you wish to continue after this, you will be required to repay a deposit and/or social media budget. 

20. If we hold a deposit for you and you break our T’s & C’s then you forgo it.

Final boring bits

21. All content produced (including graphic design, written copy, photography and videography) remains our property.

22. We may use your branding, and any images, graphics or analytics relating you for our own use, including (but not limited to) press releases, social media, case studies and the Sanity websites.

23. We’ll add you to our client newsletter and general newsletter to keep you updated – you can unsubscribe at any time (but bear in mind that our client newsletter is how we keep you updated/talk to you).

It might also be worth checking out our tips for working with us .


Send us a message! we want to hear from you!


Copyright BIOAPLICO Ltd.

Registered Company 11482303
Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

Management consultancy activities other than financial management
 Research and experimental development on biotechnology
Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified

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